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FEST-Swing 1.0b1: GUI Testing Made Easy

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FEST-Swing is an Open Source Java library, released under the Apache 2.0 license, that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

We are proud to announce the release of FEST-Swing 1.0-Beta1. This release includes many bug fixes and new features, including support for testing Java applets, killing running GUI tests using 'CTRL ALT A', common-use component matchers, and more:

  1. Fixed issue 11: Add support for Java applets.
  2. Fixed issue 14: Test 'shouldApproveFileSelection' in JFileChooserFixtureTest fails on Mac OS X.
  3. Fixed issue 146: JPopupMenuFixture#menuItemWithPath. Many thanks to Juhos Csaba-Zsolt.
  4. Fixed issue 158: Ability to set global component matcher. Many thanks to vnguyen.sqa.
  5. Fixed issue 165: not working. Many thanks to Simeon Fitch.
  6. Fixed issue 166: [PATCH] Add GenericFixture from Simeon Fitch. Many thanks to Simeon Fitch.
  7. Fixed issue 167: JListFixture#cellReader and similar methods should be modified to return the fixture. Many thanks to Juhos Csaba-Zsolt.
  8. Fixed issue 173: ContainerFixture.comboBox().select() fails to close comboBox *sometimes*. Many thanks to fred76131.
  9. Fixed issue 174: Add support for interrupting/killing tests - Patch from Simeon Fitch. Many thanks to Simeon Fitch.
  10. Fixed issue 177: JTableCellFixture#enterValue(String) with JComboBox as editor. Many thanks to Juhos Csaba-Zsolt.
  11. Fixed issue 179: JTreeFixture#separator(String) and similar methods should be modified to return the fixture. Many thanks to Juhos Csaba-Zsolt.
  12. Moved abstract methods in org.fest.swing.fixture.ComponentFixture to the interfaces FocusableComponentFixture, KeyboardInputSimulationFixture, MouseInputSimulationFixture and StateVerificationFixture.
  13. Moved classes KeyPressInfo and MouseClickInfo from package org.fest.swing.fixture to org.fest.swing.core.
  14. Replaced method pressAndReleaseKey(int keyCode, int modifiers) with pressAndReleaseKey(int keyCode, int... modifiers) in org.fest.swing.core.RobotFixture.
  15. Removed all methods related to keyboard input simulation from JListItemFixture and JTableCellFixture.
  16. Replaced IllegalArgumentException with NullPointerException when a method argument has null as its value.
  17. Replaced ActionFailedException and LocationUnavailableException with IndexOutOfBoundsException when an index is out of bounds (e.g. the row index in a JTable.)

FEST-Swing can be downloaded here (file FEST requires Java SE 5.0 or later.

Here are some useful links:

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