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FEST-Assert 1.2: Fluent Interface for Assertions

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We are proud to announce that FEST-Assert 1.2 is out!

FEST-Assert is an “assertThat” library that provides a fluent interface for writing assertions. Its main goal is to improve test code readability and make maintenance of tests easier.


int removed = employees.removeFired();
List newEmployees = employees.hired(TODAY);
.contains(frodo, sam);
String[] newHires = employees.newHiresNames();
assertThat(newHires).containsOnly("Gandalf", "Arwen", "Gimli");

Release notes

  • [FEST-198] – Fix to compile successfully against Java 1.5
  • [FEST-218] – Inconsistency in parameter names in assertions
  • [FEST-228] – Error message when comparing Strings is not consistent between JUnit and TestNG
  • [FEST-229] – Descriptions are not evaluated lazily when an assertion fails
  • [FEST-230] – Validation of arguments not throwing correct Exceptions.
  • [FEST-147] – Allow reuse of formatting helpers in class Formatting by making them protected
  • [FEST-157] – Add isNotEqualByComparingTo() for ease of use in BigDecimalAssert
  • [FEST-165] – Make Assertions non-final and make its constructor protected
  • [FEST-166] – Make assertion classes non-final
  • [FEST-168] – Add methods "is" and "isNot" to all assertions
  • [FEST-242] – Nicer debugging output with JUnit’s ComparisonFailure
  • [FEST-245] – Deprecate ‘Delta’ class in FloatAssert and replace it with top-level Delta class
New Feature Task

For more details about new, updated or removed classes, please read the change report.

You can download the latest release here (file FEST-Assert requires Java SE 5.0 or later.

Here are some useful links:

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