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Ferris Yahoo! JMCE 0.0.3 Released

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Yahoo! Finance JMCE (http://ferris.sourceforge.net/yahoo-finance-jmce/index.html) is an application deployed to a JMCE server whose purpose is to screen scrape the Yahoo! finance pages for closing market information. In theory, you can get information on any security or market, however it is getting data for:

  • Dow
  • Nasdaq
  • S&P 500
  • Gold
  • Oil

Yahoo! Finance JMCE is intended to run inside a JMCE Sever. However it is possible to execute standalone as well.

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Rob Terpilowski replied on Wed, 2012/02/29 - 2:23pm

Have you looked at getting the Yahoo market data via their HTTP .CSV interface, rather than scraping HTML?  I used to use this method before switching to Interactive Brokers for market data.

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