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Excelsior JET 6.4: Encrypts Program Data and Resources

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The new release of the Java SE 6 implementation already known for its unique IP protection capabilities adds encryption of strings, reflection information, and resource files.

Excelsior JET is a certified Java SE technology implementation designed to help developers accelerate their Java applications, secure them fully against decompilers, and distribute Java software products without the need to use the JRE. Its main distinguishing characteristic is the capability to compile your Java app to an optimized native executable ahead-of-time, that is, prior to deployment.


Excelsior JET 6.4, released June 18, enhances protection of your optimized Java applications against reverse engineering and tampering by scrambling program data and resources. This includes string literals, reflection information, and any media and property files packed into the executable. On-demand decryption ensures that reflection and JNI remain fully functional, as opposed to name obfuscation, commonly used for protection of Java applications.

Also included in 6.4 is the new Startup Optimizer that improves the cold startup time of your applications. Faster AOT and JIT compilation and application performance improvements conclude the "what's new' list.

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Steven Baker replied on Wed, 2008/07/02 - 9:12pm

i love excelsior!

its so easy to use...

worst part is it isnt free and is incredibly expensive for small companies. :( and the free ones that do the same thing really suck

Dmitry Leskov replied on Thu, 2008/07/03 - 12:39am in response to: Steven Baker

Thank you for the kind words! As for your complaint about the price being too high for small companies, please check out our Microbusiness Licensing Program.

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