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Evolve - a powerful, UML-based alternative to dependency injection

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Evolve is a revolutionary new UML-based tool for creating, wiring up and executing components. It currently supports Java.

It has just gone into public beta, and we invite you to try it out.

Have a look at the screenshots at:

Evolve is a more powerful and principled alternative to dependency injection. At its heart is a far richer component model than other approaches.

Evolve features the following:

  • A UML-based graphical editor for components.
  • A powerful component model with full connectors. This avoids the wiring limitations of DI.
  • The architecture is always explicit as UML diagrams, which are kept automatically synchronized with the code.
    (No more large XML files, or annotations smattered throughout the code)
  • Evolution support is built-in. Systems created with Evolve have the remarkable feature of being always extensible.
  • Open source runtime

Evolve comes from the commercialization of cutting-edge academic research into components and highly extensible systems at Imperial College, London. Try it out, and let us know what you think.




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Gerard COLLIN replied on Tue, 2010/10/05 - 4:01am

I think it's unfair to compare this kind of tool that allows component based development to simply CDI injection. It seems to be much more powerful than that. Gcc

Andrew McVeigh replied on Tue, 2010/10/05 - 2:40pm in response to: Gerard COLLIN

Hi Gerard,

I think it's unfair to compare this kind of tool that allows component based development to simply CDI injection.

Yes, you are absolutely correct - it is more powerful and i hope to show that in future posts. However, I had to position it somewhere in the spectrum of things that people already know. I chose UML and DI because (a) people use them and (b) because it was a bit contentious. It certainly got people's attention ;-P

If you have time, I'd really appreciate any feedback you have on checking out the tool. I'm struggling a bit to position it (and compress years of research into a snappy message).





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