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EGL now has a Community Edition

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Would you like to use one language for Web 2.0 widgets and the services they depend on? Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) can do that.

EGL is a mature business language from IBM. It is a viable replacement for languages such as COBOL, RPG and Java. EGL Community Edition is focused on the best features of EGL.

To work with EGL, now you have two options: EGL Community Edition and Rational Business Developer. EGL Community Edition is free license software based upon Eclipse Ganymede. Version 1.0 is a complete Web 2.0 development environment. Use drag-and-drop tooling and EGL to create JavaScript widgets. Quickly add Dojo widgets to your web pages.

Rational Business Developer 7.5 is commercial license software also based upon Eclipse Ganymede. It goes beyond EGL Community Edition. Use drag-and-drop tooling and EGL to create Java Server Faces (JSF) pages. Use EGL to develop an OSGi-based application. Use EGL to generate COBOL, Java and JavaScript.

I have been writing business applications since 1987, using languages like C/C++, COBOL and Java. Recently, I am writing with EGL and developing with Rational Business Developer. I am a software architect, technical writer and a long-time member of the Java Lobby. I am not an employee of IBM.

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