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DexGuard 5.0 released

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DexGuard is our new specialized optimizer and obfuscator for Android. It's compatible with ProGuard, but it also provides some new features that developers have been requesting:

  • String encryption
  • Class encryption
  • Automatic reflection to hide access to sensitive APIs
  • Configuration tuned for Android
  • Android-specific optimizations

DexGuard also streamlines and speeds up the Android build cycle, by providing:

  • Conversion to Dalvik bytecode
  • Application signing
  • Zip alignment
  • Integration in the Android Ant build and the Android Eclipse plugin

In short, DexGuard optimizes and hardens Android applications, in a conveniently integrated way. It automates the recommended protection techniques, so you don't have to worry about it. Please visit our website to learn more.


Eric Lafortune -- developer of ProGuard and DexGuard

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