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Decoration 1.2 & Online Effects

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Online Photo Editor Available

Japplis has released Decoration 1.2. Decoration is an application specialized in applying effects to photo albums.

Decoration is a software divided in three parts. The top part containing the photos to be processed, the middle part where the effects are added and the bottom part for the output options and the start processing button.

The new version of Decoration contains more than 100 effects including color border, gradient frame, round corners, drop shadow, mirror, blur, reduce noise, tint, mosaic, superpose text, watermark, rotate, zoom, crop, brightness, contrast, gamma, glow, bend, sharpen, change transparency, oil, emboss, bump or edge.

What's new:

* Easier to use.
* Faster start-up for the online version.
* Available as portable application for Windows.
* New effects: rescale colors, sepia, grid.

Decoration is a shareware but you can run it for free online at

No account is needed and the photos are not uploaded to a server.

Decoration is available at

 Also a new web site for online effects has been released it contains a simpler version of Decoration when you want to apply only one effect to you photo albums.

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