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Decoration 1.0, Japplis Toolbox 1.0 and Ant Commander 1.3 released

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As this last week I've released a few pieces of software. I've decided it was worth an announcement in Javalobby.

Let's start with Decoration 1.0
Decoration is an image manipulation tool. It is more specialized in manipulating set of images and applying borders on them. It contains more than 100 filters.

Let's continue with Japplis Toolbox 1.0
Japplis Toolbox is a graphical interface for text utilities. For example you have URL encoding and decoding, base64, md5, Java system properties list, regular expressions.
This software is also available as NetBeans (6.1 Beta) plug-in.

Ant Commander 1.3
has been released.
Ant Commander is a file manager. This is mainly a bug fix release.

The command line applet is also now available.

Also Discotheek 1.0 has been released in case you want to change your room with the lights of a night club.



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