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DbWrench Database Design v1.5.0

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Version 1.5.0 of this database design and round-trip engineering software has been released.

DbWrench is a multi vendor, cross platform database design and round-trip engineering software. It's features include: a graphic entity relation diagram (ERD) designer, ability to forward and reverse engineer databases, a syntax highlighting SQL query editor, and support for some of today's most popular databases. DbWrench is written in pure Java allowing it run on numerous operating systems. DbWrench's multi vendor and multi platform functionality makes it ideal for heterogeneous database environments.

A free trial download is available here.

Further Screenshots can be viewed here.

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Thomas Mueller replied on Thu, 2008/07/24 - 10:27am

From the docs: "Currently supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL". I don't understand that: DbWrench seems to be written in Java - why not support all databases using the JDBC API? It seems to be fairly limiting to only support those databases. Why not Oracle? HSQLDB? H2? 

Harnek R replied on Thu, 2008/07/24 - 11:27am in response to: Thomas Mueller

The reason not all these database systems are supported is because JDBC was either very slow or unable to reverse engineer the database structure completely. In all cases, vendor specific SQL had to be written for each database system, sometimes even for each version of that database system.

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