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DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.0 M4

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DataNucleus AccessPlatform provides persistence of Java objects to RDBMS, ODBMS, XML, ODF, Excel, LDAP, JSON, Google BigTable, Amazon S3, HBase (HADOOP) datastores. It provides persistence using JDO and JPA APIs.

This released is the fourth (and likely final) milestone for version 2.0. It includes

  • move to use jpa2.jar now that it includes previews of many JPA2 features.
  • support for auto-generation of primary key classes during the enhancement phase
  • support for JPA2 metamodel API, bean validation, and some new JPQL constructs
  • support for singleton PMF/EMF pattern
  • rewritten JPQL implementation for RDBMS, passing the JPA TCK. This implementation is based on the generic query compilation process introduced in the AccessPlatform 1.1 lifecycle.

DataNucleus AccessPlatform is released under an Apache 2 license. Support is provided via forum (limited, free support), or commercially.

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