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Data Center server control and inventory using Java Hemi DC Library

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JBlade Hemi DC is a Java library to monitor and control Data Center servers, AdvancedTCA Blades, VPX Systems and embedded CPUs using the IPMI protocol. The library contains 1000+ Java classes allowing you to interact with the power, temperature and alarms.  Reboot, power up/down, read serial numbers of individual blades or entire server.

Hemi DC does not require agent installation on the server or an operating system is installed on the server.

JBlade Hemi is 100 % Java and runs on all major operating systems. It provides access to:
  • Inventory information including Model, serial and Firmware version numbers.

  • Read the System Event Log

  • Power sensors readings including CPU voltage, Power supply AMPs, etc

  • Temperature sensors including inlet air, exhaust air, CPU core, etc

  • Fan speed readings

Hemi DC can be embedded in Web Apps or used standalone to remotely control servers by:

  • Remote graceful reboots of servers or individual blades

  • Set Operating System boot options or boot devices

  • Set IPMI System Management IP addresses and VLAN IDs

  • Set Fan Speeds
JBlade Hemi reduces the development time for any application needing access to the underlying hardware of server or embedded system. The library has JavaDoc and programming guides available on the JBlade web site.
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