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Convert your Swing Applications to AJAX websites easily with AjaxSwing

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What is AjaxSwing?AjaxSwing Convert you Swing to websites

AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform for Java Swing applications. It allows companies that built Java desktop applications to run them as web applications. AjaxSwing can be thought of as a Java Swing to HTML converter that creates HTML and JavaScript at runtime.

What are the benefits of using AjaxSwing?

AjaxSwing is unique in that it requires virtually no modifications to existing applications, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs other then AWT/Swing. This allows companies to leverage the time and money invested into building Swing applications, while enjoying the benefits of thin-client deployment. For a full list of features see the Features page.

 Updates in AjaxSwing 3.2.1

  • MultiLanguage(I18N) Support added
  • Provides API for defining user preferred browser locale
  • Provides API for setting locale from Swing Application
  • Groups agents in JVMs by locale
  • Improved file upload allowing to work with large files
  • Other updates improving compatibility with various Java applications

Check out Online Demos to see AjaxSwing in action

Enjoy the new better and faster version of AjaxSwing.

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Anees Ur-rehman replied on Tue, 2010/11/30 - 8:51pm

on the cover ajaxswing looks very attractive but with actual implementation to convert swing to ajax is really big problem. I tried to use ajaxswing to convert my swing application to ajax but faild dramatically, my popup dialog not working, my custom look and feel libraries are not properly converted and my delegate calls from swing framework is not working properly with RPC calls of swing. I am sure ajaxswing will have something to explain how we can do it. I found it is more easy to develop completely new GWT application rather than converting swing application with custom component to ajax

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