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Code Consultant IntelliJ Plugin Initial Release

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Have you ever noticed that simple act of describing a problem you can't get past to a co-worker will help you solve the problem, even if they don't say a thing? The free Code Consultant IntelliJ plug-in is based off a (possibly apocraphal) story of a software company that gave employees a stuffed bear to discuss problems they run into.  That way, they could work though their problem that they cannot solve on their own without distracting their co-workers. This plug-in takes that concept one step farther by creating an AI that lives inside your IDE that you can explain your problem to in-order to solve the problem yourself.  It's like clippy, but asks you questions to help you solve the problem, rather than giving you unhelpful concrete suggestions.

I am currently looking for suggestions on how to improve the plug-in and make it more helpful to you.  The Code Consultant can be installed through the standard IntelliJ plug-in manager, and more information can be found at

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