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Cloud management tool LASIC 0.2 released

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A public release of LASIC is now available. 

LASIC is a language that facilitates automated creation, management and termination of systems in a cloud environment.  It allows you to create scripts that describe a system, its components, and the relationship between those components using a declarative syntax. Various verbs can then be applied to the script such as deploy (create a new system), shutdown, or runAction(run some action on components of the system). LASIC currently supports Amazon's cloud environment (AWS) including:

LASIC stands for Language for Automating Systems in the Cloud.  LASIC is open source under the Apache 2.0 license and was written in Scala.

You can download LASIC at

To learn how to use LASIC see the users guide.

To try a sample LASIC script which creates a Java web application with a load balancer, two applications servers (tomcat) and a mysql database, check out the examples page.

 Feedback welcome in the lasic-users discussion group.

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