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Chronos 0.2.1 beta: Database Desktop Client for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

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Chronos is a free cross platform database tool. It currently supports Oracle and MSSQL (Sybase) and includes highlighting of Primary and Foreign keys as a major new feature in this release.

* Oracle support
* MSSQL and Sybase support (experimental)
* Multithreading (experimental)
* SQL syntax highlight
* Query history
* TOAD-like schema browser
* Schema browser data filter
* Primary and foreign keys highlighting (experimental)
* Table creation interface (experimental)

Java 6.0


Video Demonstration
About Chronos 

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David Lee replied on Mon, 2008/03/24 - 4:09pm

This may be a potentially great product, but MS SQL and Oracle already have several management and Query UIs.   Oracle even has one written in java.   It's pretty good too, just not a fast as toad. 

You know which database could really benefit from a tool like this ?  Firebird.  I can't find a native UI on the Mac for Firebird.  There are some all purpose ones written in java, but not one that supports all of the firebird specific features.

I have to use a very good product written for windows via parrallels to easily manage my firebird DB.

I'd pay for such product, but my oracle and sql server needs are meet already once I buy their product.

Chris Johnston replied on Mon, 2008/03/24 - 11:21pm in response to: David Lee

Two options you may want to consider are:

  • SQuirrelSQL (Free) - not a bad tool. Written in Java and able to connect to any DB for which a JDBC driver exists.
  • Aqua Data Studio (not Free) - this is probably one of the best all round SQL/Databae management tools around. It allows you to connect to any DB for which a java jdbc driver exists. However, it isn't free.

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