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Chronon Time Travelling Debugger 1.6 released

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The latest version of Chronon improves workflow with the Chronon Recording Server and delivers some much wanted features.

Specify Source Lookup paths

A long standing request from our users, Chronon now allows you to pick exactly which projects to look for when displaying source code. Source Lookup definitions allow fine grained selection of source lookup paths when opening a recording.

Open .tar file of recordings directly from Eclipse

The 'Open Recording' dialog now allows you to point direcly to a .tar file. It will automatically do the job of extracting the .tar file and unpacking it.

More details on our blog:

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Jonathan Fisher replied on Tue, 2011/08/09 - 10:16pm

Be sure to read the entertaining exchange between the 'CTO' of Chronon and a potential customers here: :D

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