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Butterfly Persistence 5.2 Released - Connection, Transaction Scoping Support

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Butterfly Persistence 5.2.0 contains support for easier scoping of connections and transactions. In other words, it has become easier to make sure that connections are opened and closed correctly, and that transactions are committed / rolled back correctly. This resembles the transaction management support found in Spring.

Butterfly Persistence is a simplistic, no-nonsense, Java persistence API. It is a thin layer ontop of JDBC, and you  always have access to the underlying JDBC connection. Butterfly Persistence contains simple JDBC templates that help you iterate ResultSet's etc., as well as Map reading, and Object reading / writing, including batch update support.

Butterfly Persistence is the continuation of Mr Persister, so these two API's are very similar. Butterfly Persistence / Mr Persister is being used in lots of production environments, on a variety of databases.

You can find Butterfly Persistence here


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