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Butterfly Persistence 5.1.9-beta

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Butterfly Persistence v. 5.1.9 is a JDK 5 compliant version of Butterfly Persistence, which used to require JDK 6. Several users had requested a JDK 5 compliant version. Hence the backward porting.


Butterfly Persistence aims at providing a simple, no-nonsense relational persistence API. The features includes:

  • Automatic / manual connection management
  • Easier JDBC operations via JDBC templates (Spring style) 
  • Simple object relational mapping
  • Map reading for dynamic queries
  • Less than 5% overhead compared to pure JDBC.

Butterfly Persistence is for those who like the tight control of JDBC, but don't necessarily want to do everything by hand. As such it is similar to the Spring JDBC templates, but has a lot more features.

Butterfly Persistence is a cleaned up version of Mr Persister - a popular persistence API with thousands of downloads.

Butterfly Persistence is part of a small component suite called Butterfly Components. This suite of components are designed to be very small, very flexible, and very independent yet capable of cooperating. The advantage of that is faster build times, smaller applications, and a more visible separation of responsibilities.

Butterfly Components include

  • Buttterfly DI Container
  • Butterfly Web UI - component oriented web framework
  • Butterfly Persistence
  • Butterfly Testing Tools - mock testing API


You can find Butterfly Persistence

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