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BTree Implementation for Google Android(TM) Platform

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Virtual Machinery is delighted to announce that Version 6 of its Java BTree implementation supports the Google Android(TM) platform. Of particular interest to developers in the Android community will be that our implementation of the BTree uses the standard file system access in Android to support the  underlying data persistence layer. This essentially gives developers a true file-based implementation that is identical to that on J2SE and J2EE environments. The BTree files created on any environment can be copied and used in other environments (including J2ME).

We have produced a demo for the Android platform which demonstrates the power of the product on this platform.  This is packaged as a zip file which includes documentation and an .apk file. You can download this at For developers who have already purchased Release 6 there is documentation included in the package describing how to amend your code for Android. This documentation can also be found at

The base level distribution of our Btree includes BTree implementations and sample code for J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE environments and costs $99.95. Full documentation is provided as is an option to purchase source code. The file format of the BTree is identical on all three Java platforms and Android. Virtual Machinery also provide a Toolkit for their BTrees which can be used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

We offer a wide range of licensing options, all at competitive prices which can be viewed at

You can download other demos at and find out more about our products at .

Virtual Machinery have been providing BTree solutions in Object-Oriented environments since 1989.

We will be delighted to hear your comments and answer any questions you might have at

Virtual Machinery

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