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BoofCV v0.3 Released!

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 BoofCV v0.3 Released!


Latest version of BoofCV has been released, bringing with it several important improvements. The most noticeable change for users would be improved support for color image processing, and several tweaks to the API.  Other changes include (incomplete) code for the Zhang98 camera calibration procedure and the use of Caliper for internal benchmarking.  The website and all examples have been updated for API changes.  The precompiled jar on source forge now includes all dependencies. 

Project Website:

BoofCV is an open source computer vision library written in Java and released under an Apache license.  It has been highly optimized and in many instances out performance native libraries, see benchmarks here.  BoofCV is intended for use in computer vision and robotic applications.  A summary of its features is included below:

Image Processing

  • Image Convolution
  • Image Derivative
  • Interpolation
  • Image Blur
  • Binary Image
  • Image Denoising
  • Wavelet Decomposition
  • Discrete Image Pyramid
  • Float Image Pyramid
  • Scale Space Image
  • Steerable Kernels
  • Image Distort

Image Features

  • Interest Points
  • Line Detection
  • Scale Space Features
  • Edge Detection
  • Region Descriptions
  • Region Orientation
  • Feature Assocaition
  • Feature Tracking
  • Non-max supression

Geometric Vision

  • Image Stabilization
  • Image Mosaic
  • Camera Calibration (Soon)
  • Structure From Motion (Soon)
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