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Awake SQL 2.0 released: now fully open source with transaction support

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Awake SQL is an Open Source framework which enables remote JDBC access through HTTP. Android & Java Desktop App developers just need to include regular JDBC calls in their code like they would with a local database to access remote SQL databases in the cloud. 

There is now a unique edition which is the merge of previous CE (Community Edition) & EE (Enterprise Edition).

Awake SQL 2.0 has many new interesting features compared to previous Community Edition 1.3.3:     
  • SQL transactions support (Commit & Rollback) including Savepoints.
  • AutoGeneratedKeys support.
  • Simultaneous connections to different databases in the same client-side session.
  • Thread safe accesses to remote databases. (Example: running one query in the main thread and another in a background thread.)
  • Blobs and Clobs support with no size limits.
  • More security rules are available. See the User Guide.
  • Datalinks support.
  • Arrays support.
  • RowId support.
  • Session management: default behavior is to attribute the same server JDBC Connection to a logged user during his session. The Connection is  thus stored in memory by Awake SQL during the user session, until the user logoffs by closing his Connection on client side.
  • Stateless mode sill exists but is not anymore the default session behavior. A client side boolean allows to chose the session behavior at client side startup. See the User Guide.
  • Better security: java.io.tmpdir is not anymore used on server side for files upload/download.
Awake SQL is licensed through the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). A commercial license is also available.
More information about Awake SQL can be obtained at www.awake-sql.org.        
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