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Artifactory Maven Repository Manager 2.0

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JFrog is pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.0.

Artifactory is an advanced Maven repository manager, offering powerful enterprise features, such as LDAP/Active Directory integration and fine-grained permission control, behind an easy-to-use user interface.

With this second major release of Artifactory, Artifactory is 100% configurable via an Ajax web UI and is packed with many enterprise-level features out-of the box:

  • Built-in UI configurable and UI-testable LDAP integration (other integrations possible via Spring Security).
  • No more clear-text passwords in your Maven settings.xml - Artifactory offers auto-generated encrypted passwords, which is extremely important when using external authentication.
  • Ability to undeploy complete versions and remove in one go hundreds of old artifacts deployed from the same module.
  • Sophisticated role-based access control (RBAC), e.g - you can allow only certain groups to see sources.
  • Sub domain administrators.
  • Real time view for the effective RBAC on a selected artifact/node.
  • Ability to deploy a bundle of zipped artifacts and import a Maven local repository into Artifactory.
  • True undeploy with immediate Maven metadata updates.
  • Real time tailing of server logs from the UI.
  • Remote checksum validations.
  • Built-in support for MySql.
  • Imporved Tomcat install script + ability to run as a Windows Service.
  • Special support to run under IBM WebSphere.
  • An artadmin command-line tool for performing various administrative tasks.
  • The underlying architecture to support high volumes of concurrent downloads and uploads have been updated.
  • Online Help on nearly every UI element.
  • Improved and complete User Guide.

Artifactory is available for immediate download from the JFrog Site or directly from SourceForge.

The Artifactory User Guide can be found here.

You can also try the Online Demo.

Artifactory is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


The JFrog Artifactory Team




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shlomi ben haim replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 10:28am

Artifactory 2.0 - way to go !!!

Impressive website as well...

Eugene Sergeenko replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 10:39am

Artifactory just rocks!

Ariel Kogan replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 10:45am

We've been using this product for some months and we are very satisfied. This new release contains a lot of improvements. The UI looks very attractive, on standards not even expected from these types of applications.

Yuval Bo replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 10:48am

We tried various repository management solutions at my company and non of them matched our needs. We've been using Artifactory for some time now and this 2.0 version just

approved once more that choosing Artifactory was the right choice for future time as well. keep up the good work Yoav et al.

Eldad Dudu replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 11:04am


Pepole (including myself) forgot what it's like to work without Maven & Artifactory,
but in every improvmant and upgrade we get a reminder that this product is always
keeps on going.

Great new indexing system guys!!! really faster searching for existing artifacts.
awsome UI, (Alpha's Web division ROCKS!)

looking forward for your next insights :)


tomer zeltzer replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 11:44am

Simply the best.

Miya Nadri replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 1:17pm

we  were waiting for this version...

good stuff !!!!


Gy Nr replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 3:14pm

That's one amazing project! Comfortable UI, great functionality.

 It has a great potential of saving time on managing company's maven-based resources.

I'm about to try it.


alex weisburd replied on Tue, 2009/01/06 - 4:30pm

I stumbled upon artifactory when looking for offline solutions to use in my automated build and maven integration.

I could not have wished for something better than artifactory, it fits all my maven repository desires and dare i say it "wet dreams".

I was surprised to see that in such a short time these guys managed to get a product working so good, simple to use and manage and even have a pretty darn good user guide.

I am a long time user of maven and i have never seen such a big contribution to the community as artifactory.

Thumbs up, i will be watching for more exciting things from you.

 P.S.: I agree your site is "Super Cool".


Raghunathan Sem... replied on Wed, 2009/04/01 - 4:46pm

I'd like to use Artifactory(2.0.x) with Derby. Do any one of you have personal experience of scalability with Derby? I mean after some time, when repository grows, whether artifactory with Derby DB deployed in Tomcat is scalable? Any one have personal experience in these? Please share with me. thanks.

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