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Artifactory 2.3.2 - New Knockout Release

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 JFrog is pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.3.2!

Notable features and changes in this version are:

  • Remote Repository Browsing - Browse the content of remote folders, not yet cached locally. This also allows Ivy resolvers to take into account remote versions when using version ranges.
  • Crowd Groups Integration - Sync your Atlassian Crowd groups to Artifactory and manage groups permissions on those groups (requires Artifactory Pro).
  • Pluggable Authentication Realms - super-easy login integration with any external system using a new Groovy extension point in User Plugins (requires Artifactory Pro).
  • Non-Maven Repository Layouts - Define the layout by which modules are identified in your repositories to achieve smart module management in non-Maven repositories, including: automatic cleanup of integration artifacts, cross-repository layout conversion (remote--local/cache--virtual), module metadata searches etc.
  • Robust WebDAV Mounts - Ability to mount any local repository or cache as a secure WebDAV share for direct browsing from your native O/S file manager.
  • Automatic Cleanup of Old Builds - Use the retention defined by your CI server for cleaning up old builds, when using the Artifactory Build Integration (requires Artifactory Pro).
  • Improved Memory Consumption - Substantially improved memory utilization.
  • Over 90 bug fixes and improvements.

Instructions for upgrading to 2.3.2 from previous versions can be found here.

Artifactory Pro 2.3.2 free trial is available for immediate download.

Artifactory 2.3.2 open source version is available from JFrog web-site or directly from SourceForge.

Enjoy Your Build!

The Frogs,




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Gy Nr replied on Tue, 2011/02/15 - 9:23am

Rocks ! Rocks ! Rocks ! Froggers, you never cease amaze me!

Baruch Sadogursky replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 1:05am

Oh, yes! Remote Repository Browsing! I was waiting for this feature since version 1!

Leo Erlandsson replied on Mon, 2011/02/21 - 3:20am

Great stuff och many new features!


It's exciting to see what you can achive using the Wicket Web Framework!

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