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Announcing Scripted: A JavaScript editor from VMware

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Palto Alto, CA
The first version of the Scripted code editor has been released this week on github and is also downloadable as a package from VMware. Although Scripted is a general purpose code editor, the initial focus is building a great JavaScript editing experience. Scripted itself is built entirely in JavaScript and HTML/CSS. It is a browser-based editor that runs locally on a developer's machine with a Node.js instance being used to serve the editor code and perform the editor operations. The only pre-req for running Scripted is that you have a recent version of Node.js (0.6 or later) installed. Check it out now in 6 minute screencast!

Scripted offers JavaScript developers the lightweight editor as a free GitHub project.

  • Fast startup, lightweight, responsive
  • Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Errors and warnings:
  • JSLint is integrated to provide error/warning markers on JavaScript code.
  • AMD and CommonJS module resolution: there is basic resolution where unresolved references will be marked as errors.
  • Basic content assist for HTML, CSS
  • Advanced content assist for JavaScript, driven by a type inferencing engine which is aware of AMD/CommonJS module dependencies and also uses JSDoc comments to help it understand the code.
  • Hovers: hovering over a JavaScript identifier will bring up the inferred type signature.
  • Navigation: press F8 on an identifier (that the inferencer has recognized) and the editor will navigate to the declaration. This also works on module identifiers (e.g. in define() clauses)
  • Formatting: JSbeautify is integrated
  • Sidepanel: alongside the main editor a sidepanel can be opened – currently this can be used to host a second editor.
  • Key binding to external command: Key bindings in the editor can invoke external commands (less, mvn, etc)

We decided to open source early to get feedback. If you want to help us shape the editor, please join in the discussion. There is a scripteddev google group for discussing it and a jira issuetracker for logging bugs, enhancement requests and voting on existing issues to ensure they are prioritized appropriately. If you want to start hacking on the codebase yourself we are definitely open to submissions – see the github page for more information.

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