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Announcing Apache Tapestry 5.3

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The Tapestry Team is very proud to announce the availability of Apache Tapestry 5.3, featuring performance improvements, decreased memory utilization, new components, and over 270 bug fixes, improvements, and other changes.

Tapestry is primarily available for download via Maven, from the Maven central repository:


You can also download the source or JavaDocs archives.

Tapestry 5.3 represents nearly a year of effort, and includes over 270 bug fixes, improvements, and other changes. Full details are in the release notes, but here's a few highlights:

  • Improved performance: very large sites will see a 30 - 40% improvement in throughput
  • Decreased memory footprint: about a 30% decrease in memory utilization over 5.2
  • New components and services to support user alerts and notifications
  • Improved a simplified support for partial page rendering inside Ajax requests
  • Automatic JavaScript and CSS minimization (via YUICompressor)
  • Component reference details integrated into JavaDoc
  • Improved Maven quickstart archetype
  • Skinning and themeing support
  • Improved client-side presentation of server-side exceptions during Ajax requests
  • New components, including Ajax-enabled Tree, and Kaptcha
  • HTML5 Doctype support
  • Support for JSR-330 injection annotations

In addition, 2011 marked an often intense effort to improve, revise, and expand the Tapestry web site.

We've made great efforts to ensure that the upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 is as painless as possible. Please read the upgrade notes carefully as some interfaces and methods that were deprecated in Tapestry 5.0 or 5.1 have been removed: you should recompile and retest your application after upgrading your dependency. If you still have problems, use the Tapestry user mailing list to get support.

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Alexander Rosemann replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 9:09am

Congrats guys! Great to see 5.3 arrived.

We have been using Tapestry for more than three years in various projects. It really does the trick for us and when we are stuck, the mailing list and various blogs have proven to be invaluable resources. 

Again, very well done!



DualSoul none replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 10:58am

Have been using Tapestry since version 3. Currently on 5.0.18, hope will migrate to 5.3 in a future. Keep going, Howard!

Pedro Ayala replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 11:57am

Tapestry is a great framework. I have been using it since version 4.0 and evey release includes great features which makes your life easier while developing.


It is worth a try, once you get in to it, it is really difficult to swich back to any other framework.

Sd Eby replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 2:26pm

Congratulations to Howard and Team for this great release!

One thing that doesn't show here is that there has been 30+ pre-releases prior to this final version. This is a testament to how much effort was put in to "concoct" this great product.


Howard Lewis Ship replied on Wed, 2011/12/07 - 1:36pm in response to: Sd Eby

Part of those pre-releases was driven by my clients; it was the easiest way to develop with pre-release versions of 5.3. In other words, we were eating our own dog food on production applications.

Yohan Yudanara replied on Fri, 2011/12/09 - 10:27am

I've been using Tapestry from 4.0 and it helps me a lot to code less and deliver more.

Now, Tapestry version hits 5.3 and every new version brings lot of excitements for developers. I can't hardly wait for v5.4 which will introduce new javascript abstraction layer.

More efficient use of resource, more and better ajax UI components, better documentation are coming with each release.
Tapestry also have jumpstart demo which contains great resources on how to do common things in web development with Tapestry.

Three things I liked most on Tapestry are:
- Very efficient use of resources that brings good performance
- Live reload on template and service class that really saves the time during development.
- Easy to understand coding convention which makes code readable

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