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Announcing Apache Tapestry 5.3.2

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After little more then a month the second maintenance release for Apache Tapestry 5.3 is available.

This release upgrade Spring compatibility to 3.1.0 RELEASE and fix minor issues with HTML5 input types, details in the release notes.
As usual it is a drop-in replacement for 5.3 and 5.3.1, and is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Tapestry is primarily available for download via Maven, from the Maven central repository:

    <groupId> org.apache.tapestry</groupId> 
    <artifactId> tapestry-core</artifactId> 
    <version> 5.3.2</version> 

You can also download the source or JavaDocs archives.

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Christian Riedel replied on Thu, 2012/02/09 - 10:55am

Nice job! :)

Howard Lewis Ship replied on Thu, 2012/02/09 - 3:14pm

Besides some bug fixes, the big change in this release is that component fields no longer have to be private; they can be protected or package private (no modifier). Final fields may even be public. This is both very handy, and more than enough rope to hang yourself with ... however, it will make certain interactions between base classes and sub classes much easier.

Yohan Yudanara replied on Sun, 2012/02/12 - 8:17am

Thanks for the new release. Tapestry is really great web framework. When you look at the source code, you certainly will realize that this web framework is made by brilliant coder.. :). I wonder why it's not too popular. When T5 English book becomes ready, I'm pretty sure Tapestry will gain more popularity.

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