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AcrIS 1.0.0

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It is a pleasure to announce a brand new release of AcrIS enterprise GWT framework. Feel free to check out the source code, download a module or give us a feedback.

The release contains following modules:
  • acris-security - client side and server side security of any GWT application using annotations and Spring Security
  • acris-binding - support for easy forms creation using annotated fields in conjunction with domain POJOs
  • acris-json - introduces powerfull way of processing JSON requests and transforms them into real Java POJO objects
  • enterprise project setup - have you ever had a need of founding new GWT application in an enterprise environment? AcrIS can help here also using Maven, common GWT libraries and enterprise project structure setup.
  • documentation and showcases - like Facebook JSON integration, security examples, annotation oriented binding of a form, synchronization of asynchronous calls, ...
  • open-minded and growing community - willing to hear your feedback and accepting your participation
And finally the URL is and enjoy the release !
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